Trapped Pearl Gold Earrings

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The pearls swing and rotate with you as you move to mimic the rolling of waves crashing onto shore.

Customer Reviews

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C.B. (Orange, US)
BEWARE - So Beautiful you will get Robbed

This review is long overdue, but I’m sure I still am a salty wench over this story. Now… if you MAGICALLY received this from your Dick-Thief of a husband/boyfriend/desperado/whoever, he is a SNAKE who broke into my car (which btw is strewn with weeb-stickers all around it so I’m disappointed you targeted me sir!!) and stole all my crap.

He stole the boxes with the cute notes Emily wrote to me, my bf & my Gentle Monster sunglasses (Fran no longer is available to you broke my heart for stealing these you wench), my paintball gun, and a buncha other things.

Okay I get desperation breeds more (violent) crime, but DUUUUUDE. NOT COOLIOS. Mr. robber I hope these beautiful earrings rest on beautiful ears that will cherish them deeply as I have. (Praying to Buddha they not on ugly ears. Idk why the thought of that makes me extra mad). I hope you never have a cool side of the pillow. I hope every time you wear shoes with laces, they untie so you might one day get caught. And that Honda Civic that you were targeting has its alarm go off. Basically I’m wishing bad things upon you, but not life threatening.

Okay my rant is over. Basically buy these bad bishes and don’t store them in your car. They are WAYYYYYY too GORGEOUS and thievery is afoot.

Audrey (Fountain Hills, US)

Absolutely love these earrings and get so many compliments on them. I ran into an issue with one of the earring and JY GAO was super helpful and accommodating. I will definitely be purchasing more statement jewelry from her and sending more people her way.

C.O. (Perth, AU)
So thrilled!

Even more beautiful in person - so thrilled with my purchase.

Madison Bondoc

LOVE the kinetic earrings. Minimalist statement piece!

Thank you Madison! I think I just found the perfect description for my style: minimalist statement pieces, thank you for articulating that so well, I'll be using this from now on!

Stormie Corbin (Austin, US)

I don’t have these yet. And I have never spent a lot of money on jewelry. But these feel like the future. And like an investment. I will be pre ordering as soon as I can. These are just so amazing and suit my science enthused soul. I have never felt like spending money on earrings was so worth it.

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