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My story

When I worked full time as a consultant, I fell in love with statement earrings because it was an effortless way to look dressed up and unique. Each time I wore them I felt like my confidence was boosted 200%.

But I couldn't find a statement jewelry brand that was edgy, elegant, and light to wear at the same time. At the end of each day my ears felt like they were going to fall off and my lobes approached Buddha length.

Whoever said beauty is pain,
no thank you.

So I started designing and making my own statement earrings. Now we can look like we're crushing it, without our ears being crushed.

What is kinetic jewelry? 

Each piece of jewelry I design has a kinetic component that enhances its visual effect. I call it "kinetic jewelry". 

Picture this, a cherry blossom tree in full bloom sitting still vs a cherry blossom tree in full bloom suddenly swept up by the wind, sending petals dancing into the sky, which one is more beautiful? 

I am mesmerized by movements in nature and try to capture those movements in the jewelry that I design. The maple leaf earrings here sway as you move, mimicking the way in which a maple leaf falls in the wind.

A few highlights from my journey

2016: Finalist in Toronto Fashion Accessories Competition

Click to read the coverage by StartUp Toronto on my win in the fashion startup competition.

2018: Winning China's LVMH Prize Equivalent

I won China's equivalent of the LVMH prize in 2018, the Tianfu International Design Competition. Click to read the article by Fashion Magazine.

2019: London Fashion Week 

I was one of the 10 chosen fashion designers representing Canada during London Fashion Week.

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