Sichuan Embroidery Collection

What is Sichuan Embroidery?

Last year, I discovered Sichuan embroidery - a beautiful art form with 2000 years of history originating from Sichuan, China. What makes Sichuan embroidery unique is its resemblance to watercolour paintings. This effect is achieved through a combination of up to 130 different stitching techniques and decades of practice. The silk threads used are so thin that they are barely visible to the human eye, creating an incredibly smooth texture.

I am lucky to be working with Master Wu, who spent more than 40 years practicing the art of Sichuan Embroidery.

This is his story. 

Awarding winning embroidery studio

Each pair of embroidery earrings is sewn by artists at Master Wu's award winning studio, where the best of the best artists train to elevate their skills. 

A Day in the Life of Embroidery Artist Mengxia

Embroidery artist Mengxia shows us step by step how the Magpie and Magnolia earrings are sewn. From colour selection, to pattern drawing, to sewing a double sided embroidery, each step is meticulous and thoughtful.

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