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Mini Tick Tock Two-Tone Earrings
Monika Bhagchandani (Queens, US)
Beautiful minimalist earrings

Received my earrings within days of ordering in the most beautiful packaging. Love how minimalist yet fun the design is! Spent all day finding excuses to shake my head to show off the beautiful movement!

Lotus Pond Earrings
N. (Kissimmee, US)
They're Winners

Got these secretly for my girlfriend and she is super in love with them! :)

So glad to hear that she loves them! Thank you for your support :)

Mini Tick Tock Silver Earrings
N.t.b.f. (Catania, IT)
Very nice earrings

I really love my new pair of earrings, the packaging is very nice and the shipment had no problems. They are probably my new favorite pair of earrings, i am only giving 4 star for a small manufacturing flaw in one of the earrings, one of them swings without making contact with the other flawlessly but the other rubs a bit too much causing it to swing less then the other.
Other then this everything else is perfect ,i just love the simple design, i would rate it a 8/10.
Note i am not trying to scare anyone away from buying this product i really think it's great , i just wanted to let the team know that this could be a problem.

Sorry about that! I've just sent you an email about shipping a replacement right away. Each pair is hand made, so sometimes the degree of swing varies. I will be checking the swing fluidity more rigorously in the quality assurance process, thank you for letting me know!

Im in LOVE!

I was so excited to receive the Sparrow and Plum blossom piece as a gift from my sister all the way from Canada to Iraq! Ive been eyeing them for a year and finally got to see how gorgeous and delicate they look IRL! Wearable pieces of art that are magical when sunlight hits through ✨✨ so happy!

Dancing with the Pearls Earrings
J.E. (Winter Garden, US)
Clutching my pearls with utter glee

Yes, it's me again. I might be a fan (pronounced: Ob·sess·duh)

These are probably my most worn earrings to for a variety of shenanigans. They sway gently and make any outfit pop or glam-da-fuk-up. More wonderful craftmanship from your local Canadian artisan and magically enchanted artifact provide--because you feel 10-times more chic and confident than anyone has any business feeling it's definitely witch-craft and I'm here for it.

Maple Leaf Yellow Gold Earrings
J.E. (Winter Garden, US)
The way they move makes me feel like a badass.

I really wanted to find pieces that exuded the confidence I try to find in myself, and holy shit this shop is a gold mine. Might be addicted. One of the first pairs of earrings I ordered from Emily's store and they are absolutely an excellent example of craftsmanship. Multiple layers of beautiful gold plated, sterling silver all flowing together. They sway ever so gently and elegantly--whispering words of of confidence: "You're a boss bitch."

Really versatile too, they work wonderfully to help make a "casual" look pop off--or add a much needed touch of refinement that really brings a look together. It gets people looking in your direction, but can also act as a artful form of misdirection if you're trying to distract from a mediocre hair day (Thanks humidity). Anyone could use this in their arsenal.

Sparrow And Plum Blossom Earrings (Red)

One of the most beautiful pairs of earrings I've ever owned! They are definitely NOT just earrings and are most certainly a work of art. The silk is so soft, and feels so elegant (I try not to touch it as much as possible). I usually wear them when I'm going to be dry and indoors (and glammed up) just to be safe, because it would absolutely break my heart if they were damaged. That being said, my wardrobe wouldn't be complete without them. Emily has been absolutely fantastic and easy to befriend! I'm definitely a fan of her work, and you can tell she absolutely pours her hear into everything she makes.

I'm obsessed!

These are such beautiful earrings! Everything is super well made (including the backings!!) And they look so luxurious. It's pretty rare to see so much attention to detail in earrings. You definitely need these in your jewelry collection. Emily is also super nice and does what she can if you ever have any problems.

Tick Tock Silver Earrings
A.o. (Odense, DK)
Worth the wait!

I have finally received my earrings, and they are just as I want them to be!
The long trip from Canada to Denmark was well worth the wait. I was a bit concerned that they would be noisy when swinging, and they do make a small sound when you are listening for it, but when you are doing stuff, with people or anything else, you don't notice at all! They are not too heavy either.
I have already gotten a lot of compliments on them, as they are so special!
Love them!

Tick Tock Gold Earrings
N.v.d.G. (Amersfoort, NL)
So pretty!!

Couldn’t wait to receive these beautiful earrings from half the world away. The shipment got lost unfortunately but Emily was so quick to send a replacement pair! Absolutely amazing service and even better earrings. Also the packaging was beautiful with clear care instructions. Will wear on wedding day soon. Thank you so much definitely recommending you in our tiny country ;).

Tick Tock Silver Earrings
Gaia G (Denver, US)
Beautiful and elegant

These are such beautiful earrings and so elegant! Got so many compliments on them especially with them being able to sway the way they do! Wore these for our small wedding ceremony and Emily was so kind during the whole preorder process, making sure I’d get them on time, and even sent a personalized handwritten note. Such a lovely touch.

Tick Tock Gold Earrings
N.S. (Berlin, DE)
Stunning pair

I‘m beyond happy with my purchase. The earrings are giving my outfits a touch of glamour. Moreover, the customer service is outstanding. I had to pay customs and Emily sorted me out within hours.

Super pretty earrings!

I love these earrings, by far the best and most beautiful earrings I've ever purchased for myself! I want to wear them all the time, but unfortunately I can't because it's not allowed in my line of work. However, I always get compliments when I do end up wearing them! Since I don't like heavy earrings I was a bit hesistant ordering them at first but they are super light! Very easy to wear! I'm definitely going to order more earrings in the future (different ones! although it wouldn't hurt to own multiple ones of these). Thank you!

Trapped Pearl Earrings
C.B. (Orange, US)
BEWARE - So Beautiful you will get Robbed

This review is long overdue, but I’m sure I still am a salty wench over this story. Now… if you MAGICALLY received this from your Dick-Thief of a husband/boyfriend/desperado/whoever, he is a SNAKE who broke into my car (which btw is strewn with weeb-stickers all around it so I’m disappointed you targeted me sir!!) and stole all my crap.

He stole the boxes with the cute notes Emily wrote to me, my bf & my Gentle Monster sunglasses (Fran no longer is available to you broke my heart for stealing these you wench), my paintball gun, and a buncha other things.

Okay I get desperation breeds more (violent) crime, but DUUUUUDE. NOT COOLIOS. Mr. robber I hope these beautiful earrings rest on beautiful ears that will cherish them deeply as I have. (Praying to Buddha they not on ugly ears. Idk why the thought of that makes me extra mad). I hope you never have a cool side of the pillow. I hope every time you wear shoes with laces, they untie so you might one day get caught. And that Honda Civic that you were targeting has its alarm go off. Basically I’m wishing bad things upon you, but not life threatening.

Okay my rant is over. Basically buy these bad bishes and don’t store them in your car. They are WAYYYYYY too GORGEOUS and thievery is afoot.

Mini Tick Tock Gold Earrings
Carissa B (Orange, US)
Cute Mini Dangles

It’s time to flick your head, toss your hair around, and jingle some jangles. These golden chopstick art earrings fit perfectly on awkward curved ears such as mine. (Yes I know they’re not chopsticks but I nickname all my JYGaos so bugger off). And can be worn up or down, for brunch or for date night. I tried getting the silver ones but they sold out. But these little gold ear-nunchucks still fit the bill. I still am waiting for the Magnolia and Magpies to make a comeback. But I need more people to rally and bother Emily alongside me to make it happen. So *ahem* this is your chance now to slide into her IG Dms and tell Emily we demand those embroidered beautiful art pieces.

Btw… sidebar.. If TUMI (specifically the South Coast Plaza location store) can be dickheads and still charge people for $1k+ on luggages. Emily deserves to charge her art jewelry for what she does. I’ll pay a lovely small businesswoman the money she deserves over pretentious muggles any day. Or I’ll make my friends ask their sugar daddies to pay for me.

Mini gold tik toks, I thank thee for making some of my fits look fancier than they actually are. WORTH. Worth all my sugar baby friends thinking I jumped in on the sugarbowl. But sadly, I don’t want to give out the sugar.

Mini Asymmetrical Eclipse Earrings
Carissa B (Orange, US)
Wedding Show Stopper

If you’ve been looking for light, elegant, simple, and eye-catching but not gaudy at all the Covid/“roll over” weddings that have been on hold and now come crashing onto you, then it’s time to show up all the other wenches. Get you a pair of gold and silver somfins here. Heck I’m still trying to convince Emily to bring back more of her embroidered statement earrings.

So if anyones reading this please let’s ban together and tell her to increase those prices so she might give us a restock on the earrings we all have been waiting for.

Oh but seriously I’m pretty sure I won 10 points on my whole wedding fit because of these earrings. I even wore them for a gal pal catch-up thing and she said she would totally sleep with someone to get her hands on these earrings for free. That’s right. These are “I’d whore myself out for a pair” kinda earrings. So get ‘em while they hawttt.

Also. Please enjoy my doge judging me failing at trying to take decent pictures for the review.

Mini Tick Tock Silver Earrings
A.C. (Singapore, SG)
Amazing earrings😍

Been wanting to get these for the longest time, and the quality doesn’t disappoint, thank you for making these beautiful earrings!

Trapped Pearl Earrings
Audrey (Fountain Hills, US)

Absolutely love these earrings and get so many compliments on them. I ran into an issue with one of the earring and JY GAO was super helpful and accommodating. I will definitely be purchasing more statement jewelry from her and sending more people her way.

Mini Tick Tock Gold Earrings
Caitlin (Seattle, US)
Perfect statement earring

Oh my goodness!! I am in love with these earrings! They are different and unique but also minimalist and go with so many of my wardrobe. Perfection! I can’t wait to buy more earrings from here.

Trapped Pearl Earrings
C.O. (Perth, AU)
So thrilled!

Even more beautiful in person - so thrilled with my purchase.

Even Prettier in Person!

This is definitely a work of art that is wearable. Absolutely perfect <3 Will definitely be getting more in the future.

Mini Tick Tock Silver Earrings
Anonymous (Cresskill, US)
Beautiful, great quality, fast shipping, nicely packaged.

Nothing to complain about :) They're lightweight, move beautifully, and they make a statement while still being minimalist and classy!

Mini Tick Tock Gold Earrings
Sandra Yang (Toronto, CA)
Best earrings and so darn cute

I love these earrings. A lot of ppl have complimented me on them. I rarely wear earrings and I love wearing them

Tick Tock Silver Earrings
T.R. (Ottawa, CA)
They're so cute and simple

Realistically the earrings will look like a vertical line often, so don't expect them to look like they are always moving, especially in the mirror when you are staying still so you can get a better look. They are heavy but not as heavy as you would expect for the size and quality. Finally If you have long thick hair and never tie it up or braid it, then it might restrict the full movement of the earrings. But they are so pretty I have to recommend them because they're so unique and gorgeous

Mini Tick Tock Silver Earrings
Valerie (Boston, US)
Gorgeous and fun

I can't stop shaking my head just to feel them move. They even make a pleasant tinkling sound. They are solidly made, but not overly heavy. Good for work from home and night out.

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