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Sparrow and Plum Blossom Earrings (White)
Johnson Nguyen (Melbourne, AU)
So pretty

Absolutely gorgeous. Haven't had the chance to wear it out, but 100% loving it!

Thank you Johnson! :)

Sparrow and Plum Blossom Earrings (Green)
Catherine G. (Edmonton, CA)
Umm, hell yeah fabulous earrings!!!

These earrings have been on my wishlist for months and I finally caved and got the, and wow they are absolutely more gorgeous in person!! Beautifully made and quality art work, and they make such a statement. Emily was all-around lovely and very responsive, great communication.

Thank you Catherine! I'm so happy you love them!

Triple Triangle Earrings
Ri (Fort Lauderdale, US)
If I Could Give a Million Stars, I Would!

I stumbled upon Emily's Instagam and instantly fell in love with her designs. They do not disappoint! These earrings are very light and have soft edges. And the movement/kinetic aspect is really so unique. I can't wait to wear them to my upcoming holiday party and just in general. Definitely have become my new favorite pair and I'm already eyeing the maple leaves and tick tock pairs as well. And in terms of customer service and shipping, Emily truly goes above and beyond! She even sent me a super kind note and extra pair of earring backs since I ordered these as an early birthday gift to myself. Can't wait to continue supporting this amazing small business.

Thank you for the lovely review Ri! I'm basking in the warmth of the a million stars :)

Maple Leaf Sterling Silver Earrings
Alexandra Vredevoogd (Nieuwegein, NL)
The perfect earrings exist - and it's these stylised statement maple earrings

These earrings are stylish, versatile and incredibly light. Also "they move too that's so cool" was something I heard more than once when I showed up at a party with these beauties. They are cat-approved, and @jygao_official was super quick and friendly. Highly recommend the earrings, but also @jygao_official for a fun and uplifting presence online.

Thank you Alexandra! I'm so happy you love them and I'm so happy they're kitty approved too :)

The earrings look absolutely stunning. The embroidery is so detailed and delicately done.
It's a real masterpiece.

Thank you so much for you kind words Lea!

Maple Leaf Rose Gold Earrings
T.A. (Savannah, US)
Beautiful earrings & excellent service

I bought these admittedly last minute for my wife's birthday & Emily came through! She was in constant communication and overnighted the earrings so they could make it in time. Wife is so happy about them & can't stop chatting them up with her friends.

The hand written note and gift packaging was a great touch and really added to the specialness. Thank you! :)

Thank you Talel! Happy wife happy life :) Glad it made it there in time for this special occasion.

Dancing with the Pearls Earrings
Jaya Debnath (Montreal, CA)

My boyfriend got me these as a birthday gift and there was even a personalized hand painted card! I love them so much! They're such fun to have and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them so far. I can't wait to get more earrings from her and she was the most sweetest and understanding ever especially since I was away from the address and she got them to hold it for me.

Thank you Jaya! Love the photo, I'm glad they got to you safely in the end :)

Lotus Pond Earrings
R.Q.Z. (Woodbridge, CA)

Was on the hunt for unique earrings for my mom and i am so glad I found this! Emily is the sweetest and the card that she painted for me was also spot on. Needless to say, the earrings themselves are gorgeous and the photos don’t do them justice. My mom absolutely adores them and I’m pretty sure I’m finally off the hook for choosing a not so stable career path.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad that she loves them. Such an honour to help with the last part :)

Earrings I brag about

First off the customer service from Emily is amazing. I found out this year after I got my ears pierced I can only wear gold and she helped direct me to ones I would be able to wear without worries.
They came quite fast and the quality is to die for. You can tell how much time and effort went into making these earrings. I can’t wait to show them off! Thank you so much Emily.

Thank you Haley! It was a pleasure chatting with you and help you find the right pair of earrings!

Sparrow and Plum Blossom Earrings (White)
Rolane Qian (Germantown, US)
Beautiful and high quality

My jewelry doesn't usually exceed $5 as I feel proud to make inexpensive things shine. However, I bought these as they were so beautiful and resonate with my love of nature. The complexity of colors gives it so much depth. This is definitely a statement piece but it's elegant and not jarring.

Thank you so much Rolane, I really appreciate the fact that you chose to invest in my pieces!

The details on the earrings are amazing!

I bought the earrings as a gift for my niece for Christmas. The attention to detail is perfect and I know she is going to love this gift. You are a true artist.

Thank you so much for your kind words, can't wait for her to receive them!

Fabulousness-Magical & obsessed

I have been dreaming of buying one of these beautiful handcrafted earrings for myself, without being brave enough to do so.
Then one day I thought, you know, why live with regrets.

So I've decided to start " small" and treated myself these gorgeous asymmetrical pairs of earrings.

When I have opened the parcel, not only i was surprised with the quality and the beautiness of them but the whole packaging was a big lush!

There is a personal details with caring instructions, the display box is amazing, and the whole is a beautiful art piece.

I will definitely treat myself some new special treats.

Thank you for this lovely review Victor! Reading your story from beginning to end had me smiling from ear to ear :)

Maple Leaf Rose Gold Earrings
Maria del Río Sanín (Barcelona, ES)
Amazing earrings!

I'm extremely happy I decided to get these earrings as my birthday present from me to me <3
I have a few pairs of statement earrings. I love my earrings big yet light, classy yet original and different. When I saw them on Instagram I just had to buy them. I've been using them for like a week now and I've received sooooo many compliments.
Moreover, I love buying from a small shop, helping women's designers with their business and adventures. I had some issues with customs and the package was delayed... Emily was always there to help with these issues (even in shipping is somewhat outside of her scope)
So, I highly recommend them!
They look even prettier in real life =)
And Emily is nice and helpful.

Thank you Maria! I really appreciate your support for small business and for women in business. I'm so happy you love them, hope you keep getting those compliments, love from Toronto!

Maple Leaf Sterling Silver Earrings
Kat Myers (Leicester, GB)
S T U N N I N G 😍

Stunning, amazing, sensational, striking, wonderful, spectacular (I can go on and on).
I love the unique design and the fact that it's not just stationery, was worried about that because I have long hair that maybe the moving parts would get caught up, however after a full day of wearing them they never did.
What I personally love about the earrings is that because I struggle with wearing necklaces, having these earrings is like my fashion statement and they go with absolutely everything.

Thank you so much Kat! That's a relief to hear, I'm so glad it worked out!

Trapped Pearl Earrings
Robin Kendall (Stoke Newington, GB)

Graceful; mesmerising; beautifully balanced; both classic and contemporary in design; elegant and wearable. I love them and don’t want to take them off!

Thank you so much Robin!

Trapped Pearl Earrings
Winnie Chen (Anjou, CA)
Peaceful rotation

JY Gao offers such a fantastic and warm customer service; she answered my questions with much attention and care to help me decide between two beautiful pair of earrings I was eyeing (cue to this one I ended up picking) !
These earrings move/rotate swiftly which I love so much, I feel like a kid showing off their light up shoes every time they swing ;^)
Superb quality and super comfortable to wear !

Thank you Winnie for your continuous support! I''m glad to have helped you make the best decision. I feel the same way when I'm wearing them too!

Trapped Pearl Earrings
Wendy Lu (Vancouver, CA)

really stylish

Thank you Wendy!

Magpie and Magnolia Embroidery Earrings
Kat Myers (Leicester, GB)
Absolutely beautiful

I fell in love with these earrings when I 1st saw them online and they were even better in person. I do have quite sensitive ears so was prepared to only be able to wear them for a short period of time (even brought the little protective bags that hold the earrings out with me) but 7hrs later I was still going strong and they felt no heavier than when I 1st put them in.

Thank you Katherine for the lovely review, you look absolutely beautiful!

Maple Leaf Rose Gold Earrings
Becky B (Atlanta, US)

These are probably the nicest earrings I've ever bought. They're incredibly unique and when they move, the shapes are still beautifully geometric and interesting. I'm glad I went with the rose gold, I think it goes with the maple theme the best! Very excited to wear this to a fall wedding I have coming up :)
PS. Definitely appreciate the biodegradable packing peanuts!!!!

Thank you for your kind words Becky! Love the photos. Hope you have a great time at the wedding! :)

Triple Triangle Earrings
Winnie Chen (Anjou, CA)
Confidence Boost

Absolutely gorgeous and well-made earrings. They have such an elegant aura that makes a statement while also being modest at the same time. They got a certain weight to them, but you get used to it super quickly since they're indeed quite light; when I do remember I have them on, I get that sweet confidence and serotonin boost knowing I am wearing those beautiful gems ! Also, vouching for the soft edges as I would wear and take off my mask with them hassle-free. I adore the display-storage box that comes with it; it's super nice to be able to display those little art pieces at all time.

Thank you for the sweet and detailed review Winnie! Love the photos!

Eclipse Earrings
Cassie Zhu (San Diego, US)

I really love moon-themed jewelry, so when I saw these kinetic earrings of course I had to try them out. The quality of these earrings is nice and the earrings + earring backs are sturdy. The "moon" sways as you walk! It came nicely packaged, with a handwritten note and a clear display case.
These unfortunately turned out a little too heavy for my thin earlobes, so I ended up returning them. The return process was free and super smooth. Emily responds quickly and is very sweet. Great customer service :)

Thank you Cassie for your kind words, even though it didn't work out I'm so happy to hear that you had a great experience! I will continue to work on improving the weight of these earrings.

Gold earring backs (2 pairs)
Cherryll Birchwood (Georgetown, CA)
Excellent product

I received my 2 pairs of gold earring backs. They were received in the post before time. They fit well on my earring posts and are very comfortable. I didn’t get a pouch, but I am not disappointed in the product. Will buy again from this Company.

Thanks Cherryll! I recently switched to minimal packaging for the earring backs, sorry I should have mentioned that! For all orders in the future I'll provide the option to add the complimentary pouch : )

Trapped Pearl Earrings
Cvillan003 (Los Angeles, US)
Wake Up, Take all my 💰

Ya'll been sleeping on Jygao, take the red pill and wake up! They came in today and took all of me to take pics before putting them in!! ❤ They are so light, elegant, timeless, ahhhhhhhh! I can't wait for my plum/sparrow to come in as well ❤ p.s I literally got my ears pierced after seeing these pieces, no regrets, anddddd she added in a personal shrine box, Emily, you are a Goddess, thank you for your creation. I will keep her safe and out in public for all to see ❤

Thank you!! Reading this made me so happy and energized! LOVE the photos, you're rocking the trapped pearl earrings ❤

Beautiful earrings

They're absolutely beautiful, but heavier than I thought they'd be. I have sensitive ears, so I'll save them for special occasions, but I love how detailed they are so I've displayed them in the case provided.

Thank you JJ, I appreciate your feedback and I've updated the product details section to reflect your experience. Sorry about the unexpected weight! The current weight is the lightest I could make them without sacrificing the structural integrity of the earrings, I'm currently designing a smaller version of these earrings that will be lighter and more everyday, look forward to sharing them!

Stunning earrings!

Emily is a joy to deal with. Her customer attention and care is first class as is her skill. The earrings are so vibrant and the stitching is perfection. So unusual and comfortable to wear. The gold design is simple and displays the detail so beautifully yet the fasteners are sturdy so no chance of losing one of these earrings. The display box is a wonderful touch and keeps the earrings safe. I am so happy to recommend Emily and I wish her every success in her business, I will certainly be visiting her store again!

Thank you Fiona! I really appreciate the time you took to write this detailed review, reading it filled me with so much joy and motivation.

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